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        ßß ßß          
      Ý . ³ . Þ        
     Ý.ì  ³  ì.Þ       
        Ü)  Ü          
    Ý Ü(    Ü Þ      
      Þ ) ù   Ý        
       ß  -  ß         
         ß ß           
       Ü ³³ Ü         
        Ý ß Þ          
      ÝÞ     ÝÞ        
Maine, USA
Styx is an artist most famous for creating the Royal Castle, a sprawling 90+ room area with large (80x20) 16-color FANSI pictures on every room. This area took her a year to build, and is unprecedented in its breadth. She also has many other lots decorated with her artwork.