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         ±±±            Name: Sequoia        Alias: Seqzy          Sex: F
           ==ÍÍ         Last Connected: Sat Jan 20 01:59:06 2024(129d 18h)
            ±±          Location: Sequoia's Land                          
  °°°°°     ±   Þ      Connection Time: 79d 7h 31m 29s(#106)
  °°° °°       °°       Money: 5881 Coins(0.4% #35)
                õÞ      Birthday: November 09, 2012 Age: 4217d 21h 52m 5s
    ßß     °            WWW: onyxcygnus.deviantart.com                   
          °°°   »Í »    MWW:                                             
         °°°°    » Ý    Properties: 2 Res (2299į)
  ÀÄÄÄÄ   °°ß    Ý ¿    Company: ChipTune Co.
  ôô  õõ         Ý Ý    Married: Sam
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 Misc: Sequoia is social, imaginative, & newbie-friendly
 Character: Sequoia Deh Kitteh is 90% domestic house cat and 10% human qualities.
How this came to be? She conveniently has amnesia.
 Quote1: Been on 8bit for around a decade. Still a filthy roleplayer.
 Species: I am a human who wears a transformative hoodie. When I pull down my
hood, I become Sequoia Deh Kitteh.
 Theme Song: "I am a Kitten" by Momus