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___/8-Bit MUSH\____________________________________________________________
                        Name: Sir_Pyro       Alias: pyro           Sex: M
                        Last Connected: Tue Feb 03 13:38:29 2009(5593d 6h)
                        Location: Sir_Pyro's Land                         
                        Connection Time: 308d 22h 45m 52s(#64)
                        Money: 250 Coins(0% #204)
                        Birthday: October 30, 2001 Age: 8246d 6h 12m 53s
              /         WWW:                                             
         ùù  /          MWW:                                             
        ÜÜÜÜ/           Properties: 1 Res, 2 Comm (1959į)
                        Company: Unemployed
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 Misc: I'm the local MUSH terrorist!
 Best Dbref: #777 #1999 And a few more I dont know of right now.
 Products: Linezooka spam cannons (15-30 coins). Mail me if you want one.