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                        Name: poopadapants   Alias: glassbrain     Sex: F
               Last Connected: Tue Jan 07 16:56:41 2014(3794d 3h)
          Location: Glassbrain's Land                       
        Connection Time: 809d 7h 1m 18s(#30)
       Money: 1067 Coins(0% #78)
       Birthday: August 23, 2002 Age: 7949d 3h 4m 9s
             Properties: 1 Res (8420į)
                        Company: Unemployed
         ♥dita          Married: MrsHarryPotter
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 Misc: <Public> Paige says, "if I am suppose to be so retarded, how could I
make enough money supposedly have a s3x change? It is not like you can go to
any drug store and exchange anatomy parts. gb, are you a freken idiot? s3x
changes cost anywher up into the hundred thousand dollar range. Last iecked,
only pedos like Micheal Jackson, who gets their money from perverts like you,
can afford."

Cows fart, therefore global warming is a lie, Raven:
<Public> Mockingbird Raven says, "I think there are so many factors involved.
For example, some people say that cows emit more methane gas than human
blahblah blah whatever and cows (or boggy marshes or whatever) contribute
tons more to ozone depletion than humans, and the earth still manages to
turn. But there used to be a lot more cows/horses/elephants, etc. And a lot
more bogs and marshes. And before them, dinosaurs. And you can bet they put
off some gas." 

<Public> Glassbrain says, "scientific matters aren't about belief or
<Public> Mockingbird Raven says, "In fact, they are."
<Public> Mockingbird Raven says, "There is still, technically,
<Public> Mockingbird Raven says, "No, there's faith involved. You justbelieve
so fully, you don't realize that there's faith involved."