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         ▲ ▲            Name: spork          Alias: P              Sex: M
    Þ°°°°°°°°°°°Ý       Last Connected: Mon Aug 24 08:20:10 2020(27d 21h)
    Þ°°       °°Ý       Location: the spork farm                          
    Þ°  Ú¿ Ú¿  °Ý       Connection Time: 1996d 0h 30m 5s(#10)
   Þ °  ÀÙ ÀÙ  ° Ý      Money: 10705 Coins(0.9% #19)
   Þ°°         °°Ý      Birthday: June 26, 2011 Age: 3374d 21h 5m 23s
   Þ°°°°°°°°°°°°°Ý      WWW:                                             
   Þ  °°ÐÎÎÎÎа° Ý      MWW:                                             
     Þ °°°°°°°° Ý       Properties: 1 Res (944į)
                        Company: Unemployed
      Þ        Ý        Married: 
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<Public> ansi city RaNSoM Stinkoman says, "stinkoSECRET! nina is my only
sexual conquest. i am perfectly happy, and nina states for the record that
she wasn't truely sexually fulfilled until she met me. premarital sex
abounded. now we're in a loving and happy relationship, and things is
goooooooody's powder."
<Public> ansi city RaNSoM Stinkoman says, "DAMNIT."
Legend will speak of a great CHAMPION OF PULCHRITUDE. Scribes will scrawl His
praises. Bards will wail His glories. Poets will bleed their inkwells dry and
weep them full again. Men of character will breathe this story their passion;
as warrior blows white conk on jagged rock; as paramour puts flushed lip to
lover's mouth. Men of spirit aflame, open of shirt and snug of pantaloon;
rose-breasted men with swiveling hips, nimble legs and restless hearts; men
whose vehemence of temperament fills their throats with melody, their
footwork with rhythm. The fiery cluck of learned, genteel men as these will
pique the ear with tales of this Champion.

A Champion, who by mettle of His glowing personal charm alone, saved the