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8-Bit Gathering 8: Las Vegas (2013): An early March gathering in Las Vegas, held the week before preggo Peach becomes too pregnant to fly. Karaoke, Airplane Slots, Cirque du Soleil, and a prime rib dinner promised by Nina.

Nina and Stinko have a surprise guest in their hotel room.

A view of the Excaliber, where Luigi and Peach are staying, through Nina and Stinko's hotel room window.

The MGM grand from Nina's hotel room.

The Luxor.

PrincessPeach, Krakatau, Stinkoman and Nina outside of the Excaliber's RoundTable Buffet.

Peach, Luigi, Krak and Nina outside of the buffet.

Luigi and preggo Peach, shoving their faces full of food.

Luigi and Peach.

Stinkoman getting his money's worth.

Stinko asks Luigi a personal question in private.

Walking by the New York, New York.

The Excaliber.


A closer view of the Excaliber.

Nina, Peach, Luigi and Krak walking on the strip.

Nina, Luigi, Krak and Peach.


Krak and Luigi at the Coca-Cola Museum, with a 16-flavor World of Coca-Cola sampler.

Eight of the flavors from the sampler.

Stinko trying the one from Italy..


Nina and Stinko. Nina is holding the mint (mouthwash) flavored Coke from Djibouti.

Peach with an orange one.

Inside the M&M store.

Giant tubes of different M&M flavors.

Stinkoman and Nina inside the M&M store.

Nina shopping.

Nina bossing Krakatau around.

More Nina shoppery.

A nighttime view.

Krakatau in his prime, losing all of his money and taking out high interest loans to pay for it.


Krak shows Peach that he is a high roller.

The slot machine that, according to Krakatau, inspired the Fishy McGee's area on 8Bit.

A close-up of the fishy slot machine.

Airplane Slots!!!!!!!! Where Nina abandoned Luigi and Krak after promising them a prime rib dinner.

Airplane Slots 735 credit payout. It's impossible to lose money at this machine, folks.

Krak and Peach at karaoke night.

Stinkoman preparing himself mentally for karaoke.

Luigi, who somehow managed to get a beer despite the waitress.

Nina letting loose on "Poker Face."

Krak, Peach, Luigi and Nina.

Krak, Peach, Luigi and Nina.

Stinkoman belts it.

Undeniable proof that Luigi did not abandon Stinko during Love Shack, despite rumors to the contrary.

Exhibit B.

A message from Nina.

Nina and Spongebob Squarepants, her favorite anime character.

Luigi in the arcade, mere moments before the Luigi/Krak Dig Dug game.

Luigi and Krak playing air hockey.

After playing the ping pong toss, Krak and Peach are very excited to welcome Sue to the gathering.

Nina and Stinko welcome Sue.

Sue and Krak hit it off, and she encourages his gambling addiction.

Sue grabs a cold one while Krak spends his college money on Airplane Slots.

Sue plays some Keno, where earlier in the day Nina WON BIG.

Sue shoves her face full of food.

Sue grabs another beer.

Sue parties atop the Grease slot machine.

High Roller Sue.

Sue withdrawing more money from the ATM..

Sue with a keno card.

Sue, be careful!

The pace of Sue's drinking is starting to make everyone nervous.

Sue at the end of the night.

Dolphins at the Mirage.

Underwater view of the dolphins.

The tigers at the Mirage.

Krakatau outside of the Mirage.

After several days of gambling money he doesn't have, Krak is handed a brochure that makes him stop and consider the course of his life.

After the gathering is over, the Luigi children enjoy their dice lollipops.