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8Bit Gathering (2003)

The first ever 8Bit Gathering. Held in Tennessee in late June.

8Bit Gathering II: Tenneesee (2005)

The second major 8Bit Gathering was held in Tennessee in March, with stops in Missouri and North Carolina.

8Bit Gathering III: Colorado (2005)

The first non-Tennessee gathering, held at Luigi's house over the Halloween weekend and culminating in a legendary night of karaoke.

8Bit Gathering IV: Portland and West Coast Canada (2008)

In early winter a gathering was held at dr.e0r's house in Portland, followed by a Luigi road trip to Seattle and Canada.

8Bit Gathering V: Colorado (2010)

A late spring gathering in Colorado brought several first-timers together, had two "mystery guests," and found Paco and Krak at the height of their friendship, before their tragic falling out.

8Bit Gathering VI: Colorado (2011)

A fall gathering in Colorado, in which flight plans are frantically changed until the last moment. Culminating in a night of role playing with the legendary Crazy RPG Guy.

8Bit Gathering VII: Myrtle Beach (2012)

The fabled Beach Gathering finally happens in Myrtle Beach, complete with racist pancakes, karaoke and a dramatic midnight swim.

8-Bit Gathering 8: Las Vegas (2013)

An early March gathering in Las Vegas, held the week before preggo Peach becomes too pregnant to fly. Karaoke, Airplane Slots, Cirque du Soleil, and a prime rib dinner promised by Nina.

8-Bit Gathering IX: Colorado (2015)

A summer Gathering held in Colorado, with several hikes, an exotic feast fit for a King cooked by Locke, a drunken argument about black holes, and z-mon breaking furniture.

8Bit Gathering X: Reno (2016)

A fall Gathering in Reno, for Krakatau's wedding to Alice, complete with karaoke night, board games, DDR and a trip to the Nevada wastelands.

8Bit Gathering XI: Myrtle Beach (2017)

The second Myrtle Beach gathering, in which the merits of Texas were heartily debated, a space team was assembled, sand castles were constructed, and the world's greatest BBQ was found deep in the forests of South Carolina.

8Bit Gathering XII: Reno and California (2019)

A summer gathering in Reno and California, in which Akaz became our new sheriff, boats were inspected for seaworthiness, and karaoke was performed in a private underground room.