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8Bit Gathering IV: Portland and West Coast Canada (2008): In early winter a gathering was held at dr.e0r's house in Portland, followed by a Luigi road trip to Seattle and Canada.

Krakatau sits before the legendary Toobis rock band.

e0r, (some guy), Lancustran and Krakatau eat at Pizza Schmizza.

(Some guy) leaves.

(Some friend of e0r's), e0r and Krakatau at the Ground Kontrol arcade.

Krak and Lancustran play the arcade games.

e0r, Luigi, Krakatau and Lancustran.

Ground Kontrol arcade.

Ground Kontrol from the outside.

Outside of Voodoo Donuts.

Lancustran eats a fruit loop donut at Voodoo Donuts.

Another shot of Lanc and his donut.

Luigi begins his roadtrip with a stop in Seattle to visit 8bit's old arch nemesis: Evil Queen Solace.

Luigi and Solace.

Luigi then arrives in Fort Langley, staying with Canada's most esteemed internet celebrity: Toobis.

Toobis puffing on a ciban cigar.

Toobis and his cigar.

Toobis, his cigar, and a passing hobo.

A hobo drew this masterpiece for us.

Toobis enjoys some root beer: no ice.

Toobis eating some naan.

Outside a prestigeous Canadian establishment.

Toobis and some chicklet things at some ethnic restaurant.

Toobis on the Granville Island brewry tour.


Glassbrain, Luigi and Toobis.

Toobis, about to drink some sort of foofy drink.

Toobis doing an irish carbomb.

Toobis showing Luigi around Vancouver. Yes, that's REAL leather he's wearing (probably.)

This Toobis means business.

Luigi journies onward to the north country, through the Canadian wilderness.

The cold snows of north Canada.

Luigi is going to visit Suese or die on the highway trying.

Finally, Luigi arrives in Prince George, where he visits Suese, Mars and Bafex, but only remembers to take this single picture of Suese and Luigi.