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8Bit Gathering XII: Reno and California (2019): A summer gathering in Reno and California, in which Akaz became our new sheriff, boats were inspected for seaworthiness, and karaoke was performed in a private underground room.

Krak and Luigi at Krak's house.

Akaz, BCE, Luigi and Krak pictured playing Jack Box.

King Luigi playing the switch. Probably tetris.

Akaz, american hero.

Akaz and kyol.

Akaz and Krakatau.


Akaz, kyol and Tsu_.

mrs.Pollution, Pollution, kyol and BCE.

Akaz, Sequoia and kyol.

kyol playing Frogger.

Krak wishing he was playing Frogger.

Sequoia and kyol.

Sequoia playing jenga.

Kyol's turn.

kyol and Tsu_.

kyol drinking the juice.

Akaz, Krak, Luigi and Alice arriving in the lawless town of Virginia City.

Krakatau and Luig inside the museum, next to ye olde ray gun.

Luigi before the opium and other ancient remedies cabinet.

BCE emitting big crystal energy.

Akaz puts on his badge and becomes the new sheriff.

Akaz and BCE.

Luigi and kyol.

Akaz outside the museum.

Akaz and BCE.

Luigi and kyol.

Luigi signing at casino karaoke.

Krak losing money in the casino.

Luigi and Krakatau playing slots.

kyol taking a slot selfie with Krak.

BCE, kyol, Luigi and Akaz.


Krakatau and Luigi at the roulette wheel.

Casino supper time with BCE, Akaz, Luigi, kyol and Krak.



Akaz and BCE.

Tsu_, Akaz, Krakatau and kyol on the Old Sacramento Waterfront.

Our private karaoke room at KTV in Sacramento.

Tsu_, Akaz and Krakatau.

Akaz and Luigi.

spoot and kyol.

spoot, Tsu_ and Luigi.


Alice, kyol and Sleuth.



Akaz and BCE.

Tsu_ and Luigi.


Alice and Krak.

Krak and Alice.

Tsu_, Akaz and Krakatau.

Artist's rendition of kyol's bathroom disappearance.

Krakatau and Luigi performing a boat inspection at Lake Tahoe.

A car with cigarette butts sticking out of the trunk for some reason...

Last meal of the gathering with Luigi, kyol, BCE, Alice, Krak and Akaz.