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8Bit Gathering X: Reno (2016): A fall Gathering in Reno, for Krakatau's wedding to Alice, complete with karaoke night, board games, DDR and a trip to the Nevada wastelands.

Locke drinking at the airport.

King Luigi is greeted at the airport.

Locke and Tsu_ play pool

Krak and a Luigi spawn.


Luigi and a baby Luigi-ling.

Krak's mom.


Krak's grandma.

Luigi and Locke.

Peach and Luigi.

Luigi, Krak and his best man, and a pre-ceremony flask.

Krakatau and his best man.

Peach, Luigi, Krak and Tsu_, seated at the wedding.

Krak and Alice during the ceremony.

8Bit guest table during the reception.

Locke and Krak at the reception.

Krak, (Someone), Tsu_, Luigi and Peach.

Luigi, Peach and Cimorene.

Krak and Alice.

Krak and Alice dancing.

Krak and Alice cutting the wedding cake.

Luigi and Farko in the arcade after the wedding.

Farko and his lady friend.

Locke, Farko and Krakatau.

Luigi, Locke, Krakatau and Farko.

Peach, Locke, Luigi, Krakatau, Cimorene and Farko.

Peach, Locke, Luigi, Krakatau, Cimorene and Farko.

The post-wedding park event.

Alice, the new mrs.Krak.

Locke touching grass for the first time in his life.

Alice and Peach in the park.

Luigi winning big.

Peach and Luigi.

Peach climbing up a rock in the Nevada wastelands.

Luigi pushing the baby through the wastelands.

Locke and Peach.

Luigi and spawn at a beach.

Locke and Peach on the beach.

Cimorene and PrincessPeach.

Bam!Dog, some hot dog place Krakatau likes for some reason.

Inside of Bam!Dog.


Krakatau and Alice.