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8-Bit Gathering IX: Colorado (2015): A summer Gathering held in Colorado, with several hikes, an exotic feast fit for a King cooked by Locke, a drunken argument about black holes, and z-mon breaking furniture.

Locke on the flight to Denver.

A view from the plane.

Luigi holds a sign for Locke at the airport.

Alice, Krakatau and Locke.

Zalethon, Cim Jr., and Cimorene

Airport mural.

Locke in front of the famous gas mask airport mural.


Zalethon and Krakatau.


The movie poster for Jurassic World, which we went to see.

Luigi presenting Zalethon with the infamous Toobis back brush, left at Luigi's house during 8Bit Gathering III.

Alice at HuHot.

Eating a HuHot. Picture from left to right: Locke, Alice, Krakatau, z-mon, Cimorene, PrincessPeach, Luigi, kingkoopa, walmart, Zalethon.

Krakatau and Alice.

Outside of HuHot.

Locke at HuHot.

Zale on a hike.

Luigi, Krak and Zale.


Zale enjoying a light snack at a mountain wing shack.

Willy's Buffalo Style wings.

Locke arriving at the World Food Bazaar, to pick up ingredients for the feast.

Krak and Zale shopping.

Locke cooking the feast.

Eating Locke's feast.

Locke, z-mon, Luigi, PrincessPeach, Zalethon and Cimorene.

Outside Casa Bonita.

Eating at Casa Bonita.

z-mon at the love detector.

El Pokey.

Krak, kingkoopa and Locke playing skee-ball.


Cim Jr. and Cimorene.

Zale and Locke.

Zale, Krak and Luigi.

Krak and Alice.



Locke, PrincessPeach, Luigi, Krakatau, Alice and Cimorene.

Mountain squirrel.

Outside the Stanley Hotel.

Krak playing a bowling game at Pinball Jones.



Alice bowling.


Cimorene skiing.

PrincessPeach and Cimorene skiing.

Zalethon concerned by z-mon's breathing aparatus.

Krak and Luigi eating ice cream.

Locke and Luigi.

The chair z-mon broke before the black hole argument with Locke.

Cimorene in the nesting doll store.

Zale enjoying a light snack.

Zalethon and a flute.

Zale playing piano.

Cim and a T-Rex.

Krak, Alice, Zale, Cim and PrincessPeach at the Cheesecake Factory.

Somewhere, on a road in Colorado.

Cim, Zale and Krak shopping.


Cim, Zale, PrincessPeach and Alice at the arcade.

Alice and Peach Jr.

Soda for sale at Rocket Fizz.

Luigi spawns.

Peach and Zale, before Zale's haircut.

Zale getting his hair cut.

Peach, Cim, Krak and Luigi await Zale's haircut.

Zale becomes a presentable member of society.

Alice at the Capitol Building.

A view of Denver from the Capitol Building.

The Capitol Building.

A view of Denver from the Capitol Building.

A view of Denver from the Capitol Building.

Red Rocks.

Red Rocks.

Krak and Alice.

A river in Golden, Colorado.

Kids playing in the kiddy pool.