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8Bit Gathering V: Colorado (2010): A late spring gathering in Colorado brought several first-timers together, had two "mystery guests," and found Paco and Krak at the height of their friendship, before their tragic falling out.

Luigi signals Paco at the airport.

Paco, bizz and Krak.

KingKoopa, walmart and Raven.

KingKoopa, walmart and Raven.

walmart with "spykee." He has an 8Bit version of this robot.

Heading into the Rocky Mountains.

Paco, Mr. Raven, Raven and Krakatau.

Mr. Raven throwing a snowball.

Mr. Raven and Paco.

Paco and Mr. Raven.

Arriving at Estes, Paco and Krak pictured.

Paco and Luigi.



Paco, Luigi, Mr. Raven and Raven by the river in Estes.

Paoc shopping in Estes.

Raven and Mr. Raven.

Mr. Raven and Raven. Mr. Raven WILL NOT BE SMILING SO GET USED TO IT.

Krak's hat makes him feel like a real man.

Raven and Krak.

Random crap for sale in Estes.

Dinosaur bones, the perfect souvenir.

Paco and Krak.

Paco and Krak.

Raven's drawing of walmart.

Cell phones.

Outside of Casa Bonita.

Luigi, walmart, KingKoopa, Mr. Raven, Raven, Paco, Krakatau and bizz.

Another group shot.

bizz, Luigi, Paco and Krakatau in Casa Bonita.

Paco and a gorilla at Casa Bonita. Which one's the gorilla and which one's Paco, I can't tell!?!?

Exploring Casa Bonita.

Krakatau and Paco at Skee Ball.


Mr. Raven and Raven.

Mr. Raven and Raven again.

Krakatau at Skee-Ball.


walmart and KingKoopa.

Mr. Raven and bizz.

Raven and walmart.

Back at the Royal Castle, Xeiran, PrincessPeach and bizz.

Rock Band with Paco, bizz and Krakatau.

Xeiran at the keyboard.

Rock Band.

Xeiran, Raven and bizz.

Xeiran eats scrabble pieces.



Mr. Raven.

Mr. Raven, Ewok and (some russian girl).

Xeiran and Raven.

Raven, Xeiran and bizz.

The next morning: The Egg and I.

bizz with an energy drink.

The transportation device decides to spew anti-freeze all over the place. Fortunately a PT Cruiser saves the day.

Krakatau and Raven.


bizz shopping for Transformers.

Rasta Pasta.

Paco sticks it to the furry.

bizz and Krak.


Paco and Krak, outside of Balloon Boy's house.

Balloon Boy's house.

Paco knocked on Balloon Boy's house but nobody was home.

New Belgium Brewery tour.

Paco and Krak at New Belgium Brewery.

Fat Tire beer.

Conveyer belt in the brewery.

Krakatau, Paco, Yoda, z-mon and Luigi, out on the town.

Cherry juice from everclear-soaked cherries.

In the mountains with z-mon and (some girl).

Krak and Paco in the mountains.

Krak and Paco.

z-mon, (some girl), Krakatau and Paco.

z-mon, (some girl), Krakatau and Paco.

Paco and KingKoopa. After the gathering it was agreed that they would "go to war" on 8Bit, something KingKoopa talked about for weeks.

Paco tries Carl's Jr. for the first time, before he and Krak are dropped off at the airport.