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8Bit Gathering VI: Colorado (2011): A fall gathering in Colorado, in which flight plans are frantically changed until the last moment. Culminating in a night of role playing with the legendary Crazy RPG Guy.

Toobis, standing before an infamous mural at Denver International Airport, of which there are numerous conspiracy theories.

Toobis awaits Shaun Ballard, aka Krakatau, aka "BALL/S" according to his plane ticket.

Can YOU spot Krak in this picture?

Krakatau and Toobis.

The other side of the sign.

Bonfire at mr0t's house. mr0t and Krak pictured.

Toobis busts out his uke.

Toobis and the newest Luigi spawnling.

Toobis and Krak at the Waffle House.

Toobis, PrincessPeach and Krakatau.


KingKoopa playing MineCraft.

Tooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooobis.

Toobis, with more spontaneous ukulele action. He just busts this thing out, folks.

The 2nd in line to the throne.

Playing Cranium. Pictured: Krakatau, Toobis and PrincessPeach.

Playing Cranium. Pictured: Krakatau, Luigi, Toobis, PrincessPeach and spawnling.

Being served rattlesnake sausage at Rodizio Grill. Pictured: DAD, Krak, KingKoopa and mr0t.

Toobis, Ewok and DAD.

mr0t, KingKoopa and walmart.


Toobis, Ewok, DAD and Krak.

Rodizio Grill, in which we are served wild japanese hog and other bizarre meats.

Toobis, who has "never had a glass of water in his life," sips a little bit of one after some peer pressure is applied.

Ewok captures this unprecedented moment in history. Toobis says it still doesn't count because he didn't drink the entire glass.

mr0t, KingKoopa and walmart.

walmart's mom and Toobis.

D&D with the legendary Crazy RPG Guy. Pictured: CRPG Guy and Luigi spawnling.

mr0t, Peach and spawnling.

Crazy RPG Guy, Krak and Toobis, setting up character sheets.

Crazy RPG Guy and Krakatau.

Crazy RPG Guy, Krak and Toobis.

PrincessPeach, spawnling and Ewok.

Toobis and Krakatau, on the brink of a showdown.

Toobis sips some girlie drink.

Krakatau drinking a Four Loko energy drink.

Peach, spawnling and Crazy RPG Guy.

Luigi and spawnling.

The baby is too amused by this spectacle to go to bed yet.

spawnling, Toobis and mr0t.

spawnling and Toobis.

Crazy RPG Guy, Krak and Peach.

Toobis and Krakatau.


Toobis sweating profusely.

mr0t, Krakatau and PrincessPeach.

Ewok, Crazy RPG Guy and Toobis.

mr0t and Krakatau.

Krakatau and "The Kraken," which looks like motor oil.


Krak and Toobis arguing over whether or not Toobis needs more shots.

Toobis, once again, rocking his uke.

More sweaty toob on uke action.

PrincessPeach and Toobis singing something.

The next day. Toobis, spawnling and Luigi.

Toobis, spawnling and Luigi PART TWO.

Visiting the city of Boulder.

"Colorado Company"

The Pearl Street Mall.

There is a sign circled in this picture for unexplained reasons.

Wolf sculpture.

A carved manhole, or something.

A giant anthromorphic giraffe wandering around Boulder.

Toobis and some rainbow moon boots.

Toobis, Krak and some giant crocs.

Krak and Toobis.

The giraffe again.

Toobis and a hairy-legged beast.

Krak and Toobis.

Toobis and KingKoopa at a mexican restaurant.

PrincessPeach and spawnling.

Toobis and KingKoopa.

Toobis and Ewok at Old Chicago's.

z-mon and Toobis.

Toobis, on his way back to the snowy wastelands of Canada.