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8Bit Gathering VII: Myrtle Beach (2012): The fabled Beach Gathering finally happens in Myrtle Beach, complete with racist pancakes, karaoke and a dramatic midnight swim.

Eclipse and Ravenson outside the condo.

View from the driveway of the condo, looking across the street.

Backyard view of the condo.

The backyard porch overlooking the river.

A closer view of the backyard river porch.

The backyard porch after high tide comes in.

Toobis and Krak, moments before "the incident."

Another chair falls victim to Toobis, as he and his laptop crashes into the wall.

Everybody laughs at Toobis and scrambles to take pictures, except Cimorene, who seems genuinely concerned for some reason.

The cut below Toobis' eye following the tragic chair incident.

MOM, Xanthius, Cimorene, Julianna and Zalethon.

KingKoopa and his ipod.

Xan and PrincessPeach.

Breakfast with Krakatau.

Cimorene, KingKoopa and Julianna.

MOM in the kitchen. COOKING DAT CHILI.

For the first food run, Zalethon suggests a 5 star italian restaurant that bankrupts the entire Raven family. Here he is enjoying his first documented light snack.

Zalethon and Luigi at the italian restaurant.

KingKoopa in front of a fishing boat, ready to set sail with MOM and catch THE BIG ONE.

KingKoopa with THE BIG ONE.

MOM with a mighty catch.

MOM and KingKoopa with the fish.

Zalethon enjoying a light snack between meals.

Luigi, Xan, Krak and Phil_Laco on the way to the beach.

Luigi and Xan at the beach.

MOM and Xan.

MOM and Xan.

A view of the beach.

Xan's first time on the beach.

Peach, Xan, KingKoopa and Raven.

KingKoopa on the beach.

One of those... big beaked birds...

KingKoopa, Zale and Toobis. Toobis is covering his arm for SOME REASON?!?!

Luigi, Phil_Laco, Ravenson, Eclipse, Zalethon, KingKoopa and Toobis.

Krakatau, Ravenson, Phil_Laco, Eclipse, Luigi, Toobis, Raven and Zalethon.

PrincessPeach, Xan, Ravenson, Phil_Laco lurking in the shadows, Toobis, Ravenson, Krakatau, Raven, Luigi and Zalethon.

Waves crashing on the beach.

Another view of the shoreline.

MOM, Xan and PrincessPeach.

Zalethon, KingKoopa and Toobis.

Toobis and Zalethon: WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE.

Ravenson and Raven flying kites.

Zale, Toobis and Ravenson.

Krakatau looking far off into the distant horizon, reflecting upon a great many things...

KingKoopa digging a hole.

MOM supervising the hole digging.

Xan and KingKoopa.

Xan and KingKoopa.

Ravenson and Eclipse.

KingKoopa and Krakatau.

Zale enjoying a light snack after his big day on the beach.

Scattergories! Pictured is Ravenson, Eclipse, Stinkoman, Cimorene, PrincessPeach and roo.

Toobis, roo and Zalethon.

Toobis drinking root beer, no ice.

Toobis busts out his uke and the crowd goes WILD.

Zalethon throwing something.

roo, Toobis and PrincessPeach.

Nina, Luigi and Stinkoman.

Krakatau's shot of anti-freeze.

Toobis letting loose on his uke.

roo, Toobis, PrincessPeach and Zalethon.

Luigi, Krakatau and roo.

Karaoke, with Zale, Nina, Stinkoman and Toobis pictured.

Apparently someone sung Hotel California.

Stinkoman letting loose.

Luigi, Stinkoman and Toobis singing something.

Zale and Toobis.





Stinkoman and Zale in a duet.

Luigi and Stinkoman. Stinkoman rocking the air flute via his cane.

Stinkoman and roo.

Cimorene and Nina singing "Complicated."

Stinkoman: totally straight.

Rock Band! Cimorene, Zalethon and Toobis playing.

Cim rocking the vocals.

Mr. Ferrell on drums.

Mr. Ferrell on drums while Zalethon pretends to drum.

Xan on the beach.

Xan on the beach.

KingKoopa on a boogie board.

MOM and Xan.

Julianna and Cimorene.

Xan loving the water.

Xan in the water.

Xan picking up sea shells.

Krakatau spelling "8BitMUSH" in the sand.

The sand advertisement sure to bring us hundreds of new players.

Toobis rocking his uke while Luigi and Phil_Laco play Turtles In Time.

Luigi and Phil_Laco playing Turtles In Time.

Cimorene and Julianna.

The mystery machine.




PrincessPeach, MOM and Xan.

Zalethon enjoying a light snack.

The Broadway: with Zalethon, Mr. Ferrell, Toobis, Cimorene, Phil_Laco, Luigi, Krakatau, PrincessPeach and Xan.

Julianna and Xanthius.

Toobis and KingKoopa.

roo, Krak, Phil and Luigi.

Zale, Cim, Mr. Ferrell and Julianna.

Cimorene, roo, Stinkoman, PrincessPeach, Nina, KingKoopa and Phil_Laco.

Stinkoman firing with both barrels.

Zalethon's life philosophy.

American Fries.

The Stupid Factory.

Some wooden squirrels on a teeter totter.

The 80's store.

Sue, aka April Childers, arrives at the gathering.

Fish in the water.

A view of the castle and volcano.

The volcano 'errupting'.

Toobis in the circus mirror.

Ravenson and Eclipse at the mirror maze.

Toobis is dragged to the weight guesser booth.

Toobis receives his prestigious prize, an inflatable bat, after the guess is 60 lbs. off.

Humiliated by the revealing of his weight, Toobis drowns his pain with a funnel cake.

German Band Organ.

German Band Organ... SIGN.

Joe's Crab Shack.

Outside the shack.

Half of the dining party. PrincessPeach, KingKoopa, Zale, Luigi, Cim, Mr. Ferrell and Julianna.

A skull made out of salt.

Sue, aka April Childers, who joined us for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.

Some delicious racist pancakes at Tar Baby's. Pictured: Stinkoman, Nina, PrincessPeach, Zalethon, Cimorene, Toobis, MOM, KingKoopa, Luigi, Xanthius, Krakatau, Raven, Ravenson and Eclipse.

Zale, Ravenson and Eclipse.

"De Tar Baby He Say Y'All Come In"

De buffet instructions.

De menu.

PrincessPeach enjoying some racist pancakes.

Xan and MOM.

Zalethon having a racist light snack that shocks even Toobis.

KingKoopa and Phil_Laco.

Toobis, Nina and Ravenson.

Ravenson, Stinkoman and Raven. Racist Raven feels right at home at this place.

A portrait of de tar baby. He don't say nuthin'.

Phil, Luigi, Zale and KingKoopa playing Mag Blast.

Luigi, Phil_Laco and Toobis.

Phil and Toobis.

Phil_Laco, KingKoopa and Toobis.

Krak, Luigi and Phil.

Cim, Zale, Krak, Phil and Toobis.

Toobis, Raven, Zalethon and Cimorene playing cards.

KingKoopa and Phil_Laco playing Mag Blast.

Zalethon enjoying a pre-brunch light snack.

Luigi, Krak, Raven, Ravenson, Phil_Laco, KingKoopa and Toobis after laser tag.

Another post-laser tag picture.

Sonic: America's Drive-Thru.

Dumpster art at sonic.

Toobis with an orange cream slush.

Xan tries some of Peach's sonic blast.

Xan approves.


Cim and Julianna.


Toobis ukeing it up again.


KingKoopa and Xan.


Xan sweeping.

Xan sweeping.

Eclipse the bag lady.

KingKoopa being buried.

KingKoopa burial complete. Toobis, Phil, Zale, Luigi, roo and Krak.

KingKoopa burying Zalethon.

Digging a roo-sized hole.

Burying roo.

roo escaping.

roo, free from her sandy tomb.

Eclipse and PrincessPeach at Iga.


Toobis and KingKoopa.

Toobis with a nice glass of root beer no ice.

Outside the German restaurant. Toobis, Cimorene, Zalethon, PrincessPeach, roo, Krakatau and Phil_Laco.

The waitress.

Cim and Zale.

Toobis showing Cim he's not afraid to drink root beer with ice.

Zale and Krak.

Toobis' funds begin to run low at this point, so he resorts to drastic measures.

Krakatau and Nina.

Back on the Broadway at night. Zale, PrincessPeach, roo, Krak and Toobis.

Krak with the fish food.

Zale desperate for a light snack.

The ravenous fish in the water below, feasting on the pellets.

The upside down house at night.

The upside down house during the day. Aka Wonderworks.

Zalethon with his hand in the hypothermia water.

Zalethon before the Titanic deck angle exhibit.

Upside-down shark.

Julianna and Cimorene.

KingKoopa and Mr. Ferrell on a ride.

Luigi and Krak playing digital air hockey.

Head turners.

Zalethon in the wacky mirror.

Mr. Ferrell and Cimorene playing mindball.

Luigi and KingKoopa playing mindball.



Deal or No Deal.

Zale raking in the tickets.

KingKoopa, Krakatau, Julianna, Cimorene, Zalethon and Mr. Ferrell outside of the upside down house.

Photo bombed O:

Zalethon grabbing a light snack before dinner.

Medieval Times dinner and tournament.

Toobis and KingKoopa.

Toobis, Krakatau, Mr. Ferrell, Cimorene, KingKoopa and PrincessPeach.

Toobis and Krakatau.

Cimorene and KingKoopa.

Zalethon grabbing a light snack on the final morning.

On the way out of town, Krakatau gets treated to the second best racist pancakes in all of Myrtle Beach.