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8Bit Gathering XI: Myrtle Beach (2017): The second Myrtle Beach gathering, in which the merits of Texas were heartily debated, a space team was assembled, sand castles were constructed, and the world's greatest BBQ was found deep in the forests of South Carolina.

A view of the Myrtle Beach houses.

Krakatau and Alice

Locke, Alice and KingKoopa

Peach and Alice on the beach.

Krakatau on the beach.

Peach + baby.

Cimorene and Alice.

mrs.z-mon and Alice

Luigi, Locke, Cimorene and z-mon, playing Scattergories!

Arriving at Scott's BBQ, the "world's greatest barbecue", after a road trip through the South Carolina forests.

Luigi, standing before Scott's Pig Cooked BBQ.

Alice and Krak.

Luigi, Krakatau, Alice and Locke.

Scott has strong feelings about credit cards.

Locke, Luigi and Krakatau enjoying the world's best BBQ.

The world famous menu.

Krak and Alice having their lives changed by Scott's BBQ.

Krakatau, Alice, Locke and Luigi stop by "Yank's Amusements" on the way home from Scott's BBQ.

The roof of Yank's Amusements looks like it has seen better days.

Luigi, Locke and Krak playing pool.

Cimorene and Alice.

Luigi at Five Guys.



The Beach house whiteboard bearing sad news about Toobis.

z-mon comforting a youngun.

Board gaming with KingKoopa, Mr. Ferrell, Cimorene, Alice and Krakatau.

More late night gaming.

Alice and Krak outside of Wonderworks.

Nina and a little one.

Locke preparing a feast.

Krak and Alice on the beach.

Locke, with his industrial strength shovel and bucket for royal sand castle construction.

The beginnings of the sand castle.

KingKoopa, Luigi, Locke and Krak working on the sand castle.

z-mon scaring children.

KingKoopa, Locke and Luigi.

Locke and Luigi.

KingKoopa before the sand castle.

Strong feelings about Texas were expressed at this Gathering.

Assembling the space team with Locke, Cim, Nina, Krak and Stinkoman.

Getting donuts at Krispy Kreme.

Donut assembly line.

Krak, Locke and KingKoopa, eating donuts.

Luigi and Krak.



Locke, KingKoopa and Luigi, eating donuts and doing space stuff.

Eating at Tar Babies.

Digging holes on the beach.

Luigi in the hole.

Hanging out on the beach with the kids.

KingKoopa and Luigi digging the hole deeper.

KingKoopa digging.

Alice and Krakatau.

Peach, Alice and a baby.


Nina, Stinko and Locke.

Eating at the seafood buffet with MOM.

KingKoopa eating.


Alice and a shark.


Luigi's kids awaiting pizza.

Alice, PrincessPeach and Mr. Ferrell playing cards.

Mr. Ferrell and Luigi playing a board game.

KingKoopa and Mr. Ferrell playing a Star Wars game.

Playing in Cim's backyard.

Kids playing on the beach.

Alice and Krak.

KingKoopa snacking.

Krakatau and Locke.

Alice attempting to take a picture with z-mon.