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8Bit Gathering II: Tenneesee (2005): The second major 8Bit Gathering was held in Tennessee in March, with stops in Missouri and North Carolina.

Luigi and Zran in Kansas City. An angry Wal-Mart manager who said "you can't take photos in here!" took this picture.

..and this one.

Zran and Luigi discover a package of huggies (shack's favorite brand of diaper) at K-mart, and are simply amazed.

Luigi arriving in the wrong city in Tennessee.

Mecha-Koopa is surprised to be visited at work by his 8Bit pals.

Cimorene works on the famous Barnyard Puzzle. On the notepad you can see her handwritten puzzle designs, probably drawn while she was in class.

Cimorene at the bowling alley.

Fleur bowling.



Luigi and Quaker in an awkward moment of platonic love.


Cimorene and Hyacinth.



Quaker smoking.

Quaker should apply to be the next Marlboro man.

Quaker sitting, with Cimorene seen bowling in background.

More of Kronus bowling.


Cimorene and Luigi with their respective 1st and 2nd place prizes.

Another shot of the victors. The crowd goes hog wild, folks.

Luigi ruins the third picture by blinking.

Post-bowling group picture. Kronus, Quaker, Hyacinth, Cimorene, Luigi, Fleur and Sir_Pyro.

Another group shot.

Post-bowling ice cream group picture. Quaker shows us how photogenic he is.

Luigi and Hyacinth had some sort of falling out prior to the gathering, but after a little face to face chat things were quickly resolved. Gatherings heal all.

Quaker, still not thrilled to be having his picture taken.

Kronus. What a jovial chap.

Cim's monster ice cream. For some reason she helped the lady making it by grabbing the ice cream like a snowball and squeezing it into a ball.


Cimorene and Hyacinth.

Group shot in the ice cream shop.

Cimorene takes a phone call from the Canadian prime minister.

Cimorene, Quaker and Luigi take a road trip to visit shackelford, where he is promptly defeated in Columns.